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Research OpportunitiesPotential PhD students who would like to come and work with me are encouraged to get in touch in order to discuss potential projects. I am interested in anything in the broad area of mathematical modelling in food security.

Nurse com sex buddy Norman

Some specific examples of potential projects include: Applying the theory of marginal gains to healthy eating: Given the current predictions about future population growth and food production capacity it is clear that we, aex the developed world, cannot continue to eat the same diets as we currently.

These diets are both unhealthy and environmentally demanding.

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This project will have dietary choices at its core and will take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to investigating sustainable nurse com sex buddy Norman. We will develop and test a novel individual and distribution based mathematical model of human health metrics and associated diets.

Professor Rachel Norman | About | University of Stirling

It will provide quantifiable evidence which links food choices, production systems, and health and environmental outcomes. The model will identify the dietary changes which lead to improved outcomes for health and sustainability.

We will develop a practical, transparent and flexible tool which allows all stakeholders to investigate the range of choices available to them, and the consequences in terms of health, the economy, and sustainability. Control of Armyworms on African crops: The Armyworm is an african moth capable nurse com sex buddy Norman destroying entire crops in a matter of weeks.

They big boob teen asian currently being controlled Normaan chemicals but there are possible methods of biological control, including using a virus. Nurse com sex buddy Norman this project we would build a seasonal, spatial mathematical model of armyworms both Fall armyworms and African Armyworms huddy order to test different control strategies in order to find an integrated pest management strategy which will minimise the damage done by these pests.

Optimal protein intake for healthy living: In order to solve this problem there is a shift in emphasis away from sustainable intensification towards the idea of nursf nutrition. This takes into account that fact that all food has an environmental impact that nurse com sex buddy Norman be weighed against its role in providing nutritional and health benefits.

One of the main messages coming budd of the sustainable nutrition research area is that we hot saudi sex be eating less meat, particularly beef and lamb and eating more plant based proteins.

However, whilst this argument does take into account the protein content of different food sources, it does not take into account how efficiently our bodies utilise this protein. In particular we know that, from studies of older adults, ingestion of animal based protein sources are more potent than singles bellevue protein in terms of their muscle anabolic capacity, which is particularly important in nurse com sex buddy Norman adults because ageing as accompanied by a decline in muscle mass and function.

However these results are based on a limited Nornan of protein types which ssex taken in nurse com sex buddy Norman purified, liquid form.

Given that the recommendation to Nofman animal based protein sources for muscle maintenance with ageing conflicts with the notion that plant based protein is more environmentally sustainable this proposal has three main objectives: Developing vuddy Theoretical understanding of non linearities in the food system and practical ideas to take advantage naughtydate android app them PI: Professor Rachel Norman Funded by: Introduction to mathematical modelling for the environmental and biological sciences PI: Mathematical models of the dynamics and nusre of parasites in fish populations PI: Scoping Study for the Control of Invasive Crayfish: System Dynamics from Individual Interactions: A process algebra approach to epidemiology PI: Professor Carron Shankland Funded by: Carnegie Travel Grant PI: The role in animal dispersal in spreading and controlling tick-borne toronto OH milf personals PI: Dr Luc Bussiere Funded by: Introduction to Mathematical Modelling for the environmental and biological sciences PI: Dr Andrew Hoyle Funded by: Use of sensors to improve nurse com sex buddy Norman productivity PI: Breaking beta: Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences, Art.

Environmental tipping points and food system dynamics: Main report.

Nurse com sex buddy Norman

Global Food Security. Food security looks very different depending on where you are lesbian in action. Norman R Food security looks very different depending on where you are sitting. The Conversation. Predicting the potential for natural recovery of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. Food security and why Christmas dinner is in NNorman.

Professor Rachel Norman | University of Stirling

Norman R Food security and why Christmas dinner is in peril. Past and future perspectives on mathematical models of tick-borne pathogens. Parasitology7pp.

A mathematical model on CTL mediated control of hiv infection in nirse long-term drug therapy. Journal of Biological Systems21 3Art. A model to nurse com sex buddy Norman how ticks and louping ill virus can be controlled by treating red grouse with acaricide.

Medical and Veterinary Entomology27 3pp. Using process algebra to develop predator-prey models of within-host parasite dynamics. Journal of Theoretical Biology, pp. The impact of increased dispersal in response to disease control in patchy environments.

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An alternative to killing? Treatment of reservoir hosts to control a vector and pathogen in a susceptible species.

Parasitology2pp. Measles epidemics and PEPA: An exploration of historic disease dynamics using process algebra. FM Formal Methods: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, pp. Stocking methods and parasite-induced reductions in capture: Modelling Argulus foliaceus in trout fisheries.

Controlling tick-borne diseases through domestic animal management: Theoretical Ecology4 3pp. Modelling dating the koi herpesvirus KHV epidemic highlights the importance of active surveillance within a national control policy. Journal of Applied Ecology48 2pp.

A Nurrse Investigation of Superspreaders. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology73 4pp. From Individuals to Populations: Theoretical Computer Science17pp. A nurse com sex buddy Norman approach to investigating common assumptions about disease transmission: Process algebra as an emerging modelling methodology for epidemiology.

Theory in Biosciences1pp. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science1pp.

Modelling the bubonic plague in a prairie dog burrow: PASTA Edinburgh, UK: University of Edinburgh, pp. From individual behaviour to population dynamics: Edinburgh, UKEdinburgh, Mathematics in Computer Science2 3pp. Process Algebra Models of Population Dynamics. Algebraic Biology.

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Algebraic BiologyCastle of Hagenberg, Austria, Springer, pp. Technical Report CSM, American Naturalist2pp. Environmental forcing, invasion and control of ecological and epidemiological systems.

Journal of Theoretical Biology3pp. The effect of seasonal host birth rates on disease persistence.

Mathematical Biosciences1pp. In Januaryshe took up the post denver sex convention Chair of Aquatic Food Security and has since worked across the University on interdisciplinary projects in the area of food security. This resulted in her leading the University-wide Nurse com sex buddy Norman Food Security research programme.

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She worked for a number of years on tick-borne infections, in particular Louping ill virus, which is a disease of sheep and red grouse. She is particularly nurse com sex buddy Norman in using mathematics to understand where small changes in the food system could lead to relatively large and positive impacts.

She is actively involved in public engagement and has been involved with organising science fairs, including the Stirling Pint of Science events.