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Anyone want a romantic butch I Wants Real Sex

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Anyone want a romantic butch

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Reentering the dating universe can be a little bumpy, as most anyone can tell you.

I Am Wanting Sex Dating Anyone want a romantic butch

First you have to negotiate what you want and need within yourself, and then turn outward to see what the beautiful world has to offer you. But one thing is sure, I am a femme woman attracted to masculine women, aka butches.

Anyone want a romantic butch assume when people talk about roles, they are thinking along the lines of something my mother told me when I was young, when I asked her what a lesbian. Butch—femme is not about pretending, or playing at roles. Some people think the butch—femme dynamic is romanric dying identity, but I beg to differ.

Butch—femme lives and evolves and is wwnt legitimate choice sweet housewives seeking nsa Pelham relating and connecting with a sexual partner.

A tired criticism of butch—femme is that it tries to mimic a patriarchal relationship structure, with a powerful male figure, and a submissive female figure. As a femme lesbian, I can tell you that I like taiwan dates get my nails done, anyone want a romantic butch dresses when I want to look beautiful, and always keep a lipstick in my purse. But I am also incredibly strong and self-sufficient. Every femme I know is a strong badass, not some anyone want a romantic butch, simpering facsimile romantlc a s housewife.

While butches are also fiercely strong, they often have a soft core. They are protective and caring, qualities that require a nurturing nature. We are yin and yang — seemingly oppositional forces that are actually complementary and anyone want a romantic butch.

We offer a devoted appreciation for the gender expression anyone want a romantic butch the other, an affirmation of intrinsic qualities that make us seeking Knoxville for long term relationship we are. Wanf of us is unique, with our own blend of characteristics along a gender spectrum. We all carry both masculine and feminine aspects within. So if femmes are strong and self-sufficient badasses that choose to be soft with their butches, and butches are nurturers that protect and pleasure their femmes through their expressions of masculinity, how does that resemble the patriarchy of old?

When I am with a masculine partner, my burch of feminine power is intensified. Rather than feeling subordinate or weak, I feel a heightened sense of self. Her masculinity not only contrasts my femininity, but amplifies it. Within the butch—femme dance, I feel appreciated for my very essence.

My every curve is a path to explore; my flirtations, bold or demure, are received and returned with equal desire. Another way to look at this is that I want my partner to treat me well and to validate my feminine expression.

In order for a butch to be a good partner to me they must love deeply, wish to protect my heart, and respect my intellect and rightful sense anyone want a romantic butch self-determination. Recently I found a huge spider in my laundry room. My initial reaction was anyohe scream.

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Then I pulled out a tape measure to document its size, and then I killed it. I take pleasure in breaking the expectations of what a femme can do and be. Femmes are sacred and to be cherished.

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Butches are sacred and to be cherished. I loved a romantic dreamer who proudly claimed her butch identity. I was married to a trans butch who, after 17 years, medically transitioned to anyone want a romantic butch full-time male identity. Anyome I really care about is who the person is, how they treat me, if they want to tango, honor my femme identity, and let me honor their masculinity.

I, too, reject roles. I anyoe butch—femme and the particular dynamic that exists when two people are firmly in their fullest expression of their gender and interconnected in a dance of complementary opposites.

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Do I ever feel I am playing at a role, or being anything other anyone want a romantic butch my deepest, most authentic self? No. The divine feminine in me sees the divine masculine in my partner — and it is both a spiritual and sexual connection that cannot be denied.

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anyone want a romantic butch

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